Ron Paul for President!

Are you an American? Have you heard of Ron Paul? (If you get your news from the mainstream media, you probably don’t know much about him). He is the man that the people in charge don’t want you to know about. He is my new hero.

Have you ever dreamt about having an honest president. One that has your best interests in mind, rather than their own? Would you like to not pay income tax? Have a currency that is worth something again? Be a peaceful nation, rather than a nation that polices the world, and invites hatred towards it? How would you like to be able to proudly travel with an American flag on your your backpack? (you may have noticed that Canadians wear their flag on their backpacks so they aren’t mistaken for Americans……. It’s not your fault. It’s your government’s foreign policy). Would you like your government to stop spying on you?

If you have ever complained about any of these things, then you have no right to, unless you vote for Ron Paul for President. If you think that you would be better with Obama, Clinton, Romney or McCain, then you deserve what you get. It won’t be pretty.

I’m scared for my children’s future, but we don’t have to be. Vote for Ron Paul!!

Take a few minutes to watch these clips, and learn who should be running your country:

Why is the controlled media so scared of Ron Paul? (9 min)

Ron Paul and Martin Luther King (9 min)

Candidates@Google: Ron Paul (1 hr 6 min)

Ron Paul DVD (3 hrs 34 min)

Here’s to the revolution! God knows we need one.

Tell all of your friends about Ron Paul!


2 Responses to “Ron Paul for President!”

  1. Daniel Says:

    Wow I must have been living in a cave or something…never heard of the guy…he sounds too good to be true…

  2. Blair Kitchen Says:

    Most people haven’t heard of him, because the mainstream media doesn’t want him to win. Even the Canadian media isn’t talking about him, which tells you a lot about Canada as well. If you know anyone from the States, email them, and tell them about Ron Paul. The media can’t keep him down, because his message is real, and powerful. He has gotten more support in donations from members of the military than all of the Republicans combined, and almost as much as all of the candidates (Repbulican and Democrats) combined. That tells you a lot about what the people fighting overseas think about the war.

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