Copy Cat colours continue…

Here’s a few more coloured pages from the children’s book I’m working on….  Only 21 more pages to colour…



4 Responses to “Copy Cat colours continue…”

  1. Dyl Says:

    Have you ever done a full colour Possum story?

  2. Blair Kitchen Says:

    Hey Dyl,

    Yeah, I’ve done 3 short stories in colour with The Possum for anthologies or other publications. Here’s a sample of a few of them:

    I’m not too comfortable with colours, but it’s something I’d like to get better at. (I’m envious of people with a good colour sense).

  3. gdaybloke Says:

    I’m loving these. Rather excited to see the project completed!

  4. Blair Kitchen Says:

    Gdaybloke: Thanks, man!! I’d like to see it completed too:)….. (keep your fingers crossed!)

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