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Leica Reel is in Progress

Now to time the boards out in Premier and see how long this “Short” will be.  I’m aiming for something like an MGM Tex Avery, or a Warner Bros. style short.



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Story Boards are finished! (for now…..)

I’ve been working on a Possum Short Film for a while now, with a working title called “Fish Lips”  (It’s a working title, but it’s kind of growing on me).  Today I just finished boarding this bad boy out!  941 panels at the moment, and it’s looking like it will be about 5 or 6 minutes long when all is said and done.  Boards are just the first step…. now it’s on to the Leica Reel!



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A few life drawings

I haven’t been posting much to this blog, so I thought I should do a little “post” dump.  Just because of time and convenience, I’ve been uploading some photos and progress to

Facebook instead, but I’d rather keep everything organized on the ol’ blog instead.  I’m just going to repeat a few posts that are already on Facebook…. here’s the first one… a few life drawing warm ups done from a life drawing website a while ago, while I was boarding on Troll Hunters (set to come out this Christmas on Netflix!)life-drawings_06_23_2015




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