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A few life drawings

I haven't been posting much to this blog, so I thought I should do a little "post" dump.  Just because of time and convenience, I've been uploading some photos and progress to Facebook instead, but I'd rather keep everything organized on the ol' blog instead.  I'm just going to repeat a few posts that are already [...]

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Life Drawing

One of the nice things about teaching is that I can sneak into life drawing classes.  I only had a chance to draw at a couple life drawing sessions, but it's something that I will definitely try to take advantage of in the future.  Here's a couple drawings from said sessions:    

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Avery and Jacob sleeping

Rochelle was out, and I was tired of working, so I took a break to watch the kids sleep. Better than any movie. I did a couple of sketches while I had them staying still (a rare occurance).

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more life drawings

Here are some life drawings from the last two sessions. We are taking a break for the rest of the summer and starting up again in September. I know they aren't the most exciting of posts, but bare with me, I'm only one man!! More fun stuff is coming. I promise.

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Avery and Jacob

What father can resist posting sketches of his kids. I don't sketch these two nearly enough. I don't see them enough during the week, because of work, so the last thing you want to do when you are with them is distance yourself from them to sketch. With that said, sometimes you just can't help [...]

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busted USB

Here is a few more life drawings from a few sessions ago. I went this week, but was sucking pretty bad, so I had nothing. I have been having problems with my portable USB drive, so I haven't been able to get anything new scanned in. Next week I promise I'll have some sketchbook Possum [...]

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Life Drawings

I went life drawing the other day. It's been over 3 years since I went. It's amazing once you have kids, how quick the time goes, and how little of it you have. It felt really good to get back at it, but it took quite a while to get loosened up. These are some [...]

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