Story Boards are finished! (for now…..)

I've been working on a Possum Short Film for a while now, with a working title called "Fish Lips"  (It's a working title, but it's kind of growing on me).  Today I just finished boarding this bad boy out!  941 panels at the moment, and it's looking like it will be about 5 or 6 [...]

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Mr. Fox

I recently participated in an art show featuring artists from the Toronto animation scene titled All Dahl'd Up.  The show was organized by Tammy Semen, and was displayed at the Gladstone Hotel here in Toronto.  The theme of the art show was Roald Dahl, so I did a fox...  you know... because of the Fantastic [...]

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Why should you buy AXE COP volume 3!??

Well, other than the fact that Axe Cop is super funny and Ethan Nicolle is a really nice guy, there's also a 2 page Possum and Axe Cop cross over, written by 2 of my children (Avery - age 8 and Jacob - age 6) and drawn by me! You can read Axe Cop online [...]

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Possum 5 now for sale online

You could be as happy as these kids with just a few clicks of the mouse.  The Possum #5 is now for sale at Possum Press' Freak Pit online store.  Also recently added to the store is Indie Comics Magazine #2, which features an all new 8 page Possum story called "Monkey See, Monkey Kill!" [...]

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The Possum, Issue 6, Page 1 pencils

  I always come back from Comic Con so determined to make comics.  Being surrounded for 5 days by all sorts of amazing talented and determined creators can't help but give you a kick in the pants, so after a couple of brain dead days, I figure it's best to just jump into penciling issue [...]

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San Diego Comic Con 2011

Well, I'm back from San Diego Comic Con 2011 and I'm still alive.  I feel as though I just went head to head with a bull and barely made it out alive, but just making out alive is a win in my books.  After every convention I'm left feeling a little different about where I'm [...]

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24 pages inked and ready for the scanner!

All the artwork for the interior pages of The Possum issue #5 is complete!  That's 24 pages, pencilled and inked!  I should feel good about this, but there's still lots of work to do before issue #5 is ready to go to the printers.  I'm half way through scanning all of these and I still [...]

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My fancy Pelikan Pen

A few months ago, I ordered myself a Pelikan fountain pen.  I had been wanting one for a while now, but couldn't bring myself to spend the $100+ it would cost, but in one of those moments of thinking "my artwork stinks, and the tools that I am using MUST be the problem", I broke [...]

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On the desk right now:

When the studio is messy, that usually means that a lot of work is getting done.  (my wife will confirm that my studio is a MESS). Click here to find out just how messy it is.

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Good night, Dave Sim

This was taken at Dave Sim's Last Signing at Strange Adventures in Halifax, during Mike's and my eastern pilgrimage a few weeks ago.  (It was a late night).  Videos and more photos will be up soon.

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