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The Possum has a voice!

Sneak peek of Michael Gustafson, giving The Possum a voice for The Possum's animated short, which is almost ready to begin animation!  (Video Recorded by Michael Gustafson)

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Leica Reel is in Progress

Now to time the boards out in Premier and see how long this "Short" will be.  I'm aiming for something like an MGM Tex Avery, or a Warner Bros. style short.  

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Story Boards are finished! (for now…..)

I've been working on a Possum Short Film for a while now, with a working title called "Fish Lips"  (It's a working title, but it's kind of growing on me).  Today I just finished boarding this bad boy out!  941 panels at the moment, and it's looking like it will be about 5 or 6 [...]

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The Possum Animated – in progress storyboarding

I'm working on a short Possum film that I'm hoping to fully animate.  This one will take time, I know, I know... but as long as it keeps progressing it'll get done eventually.  I'm pretty stubborn, so we'll see what happens. Here are some random board panels I've been working on.  The whole short will [...]

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I've done a lot of sketches of The Possum doing strange, random things over the last 7 years, for people who have bought Possum comics.  Here's another one.

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Merry Christmas!

It's that time of year again.......  

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Lots going on.

For those of you who look at this blog to see updates on how the latest issue of The Possum is coming along, I thought I better give you a little something and assure you that I haven't given up on issue #6. With that said, I have taken a little bit of a detour [...]

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Merry Christmas!!

I'm just sayin'.....

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Possum #6 update

Pages 1 through 20 are roughed out, and I'm currently inking page #3.  It's been slow going with this comic, due to a hectic year, but I'm getting back in the groove and I'm hoping I can keep going with my momentum.  I'm still more excited than ever to get what's in my head onto [...]

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Why should you buy AXE COP volume 3!??

Well, other than the fact that Axe Cop is super funny and Ethan Nicolle is a really nice guy, there's also a 2 page Possum and Axe Cop cross over, written by 2 of my children (Avery - age 8 and Jacob - age 6) and drawn by me! You can read Axe Cop online [...]

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