Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Well, I’m on holidays (kind of), so I’m going to take a back seat on this post, and show you some sketches of the Possum that I have received in the mail. There is nothing better than receiving a letter with a drawing attached! (I think if some shmuck at Visa took the time to do a drawing for me and sent it along with my bill, it would make it much more enjoyable to give them all of my money). So without further adue……
by Warren Leonhardt

by Troy Little

by Erica T

by Gerard Belec

O.K. I lied. This one is mine.

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Here are a couple more free sketches that I did this week. They are in the mail as we speak, headed to their lucky owners. Thanks again, to everyone who has bought a copy of the Possum #1. Hopefully you will all enjoy reading it. (If you haven’t bought a copy yet, you can pick one up at the Silver Snail, 3rd Quadrant Comics, Dragon Lady Comics, or the Beguiling here in Toronto, or you can order one through the Possum Press Store). I’m hard at work on issue #2, which is a 3 part story, where the Possum takes on 7 midget mexican wrestlers who rob banks! It is titled “Mexican Smackdown”. Issue #2 is all action, and should be a lot of fun.

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The Kaizen Experience: Possum Sessions

A good friend of mine, Joe Biggar, asked me to do the art for his bands new CD, The Kaizen Experience: The Possum Sessions, featuring none other than The Possum. Inside, you will find a 2 page mini comic.

The Kaizen Experience is a Jazz Band. They will be playing a Christmas concert on December 3rd, 4pm, at Southside Community Church in Milton, Ontario. Copies of this album will be available at the concert, as well as other Possum merchandise. Visit The Kaizen Experience’s website for more info.

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I’ve been giving away free sketches lately when people order comics through my website.  It’s a little risky, because potentialy, I could be spending all of my time doing sketches for free, but what the heck.  If you want one like this, go to the possum press store by clicking here, and order a comic right now!!!  This offer is valid, while my wrists still work, or until I decide to stop.  (If you already bought a comic, and didn’t get a sketch, just email me and ask for one!)………….(I know Sam, you already asked and you’ll get your darn drawing)……..


……….To be continued

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Possum Press Signs Rookie Colourist to Multi Comic Deal!

Possum Press has just signed on rookie colouring sensation Avery Kitchen to a multi-comic deal!  Insiders say she will be supplied with room and board and full medical and dental benifits until she is 18, plus Christmas and Birthday bonuses, (estimated at more than $90,000) in return for the colouring of the first 4 Possum comic books, scheduled for black and white releases over the next year and a half.  Pages from a possible coloured trade paperback edition (above) have been leaked from the Possum Press studio.  Look out Marvel and DC!

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