more scribbles

Some more scribbles from my sketchbook. These drawings were never ment to be seen by anyone else but me, but what the heck. Ignore the crudeness. I’m a very lazy drawer when I’m not using a drawing for a final piece. As long as I understand the roughs, and I can come back to it later, and still make sense of it, then it has fulfilled it’s role in this crazy world.

Avery and Jacob

What father can resist posting sketches of his kids. I don’t sketch these two nearly enough. I don’t see them enough during the week, because of work, so the last thing you want to do when you are with them is distance yourself from them to sketch. With that said, sometimes you just can’t help it. Avery is now 3, and Jacob is 1.

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more sketchbook pages

Just another page from my sketchbook. Most of this page is ideas for a side comic that will probably turn up in the back of future Possum comics. It is called “The Adventures of Captain Smith and Broccoli Boy”. I’m just starting to actually draw the real pages. These are just some random images that popped into my head, which I will work into the strip. Enjoy.

sketchbook pages

Here are some pages from my old sketchbook (2002). These were done when I was first thinking about making a comic book. They are the first drawings of Stuart (a.k.a The Possum). When I draw in my sketchbooks, I’m not thinking about making a pretty drawing. These drawings were done quickly, with the sole purpose of getting an idea on paper.

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Off to the printer

Well that’s it! The Possum #1 is off to the printers!! (screw ups and all). There’s no turning back now. I don’t feel relieved at all. I feel like I forgot to do something and when I get the comic back, there will be a mistake that I can’t stop looking at. I’m in denial that I’m done….. what to do now……. nothing to do but wait. (I guess I could get started on issue #2)!

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busted USB

Here is a few more life drawings from a few sessions ago. I went this week, but was sucking pretty bad, so I had nothing. I have been having problems with my portable USB drive, so I haven’t been able to get anything new scanned in. Next week I promise I’ll have some sketchbook Possum drawings! I’ve got lots of those.

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Curious George Lobby Card

My friend Florian Wagner was in Germany and spotted a scene that I animated on a lobby card, for the film Curious George. It’s kind of neat to see them use a still from one of my scenes. Florian and his wife Nadine, were also animators on this film, for Yowza animation here in Toronto. It was a fun project to work on, during a time when everyone else was doing CG features. Thanks for the photo Florian.

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Pages 1 to 72 are finally all inked!! I finished the last one yesterday. All that is left is to do the tones on the last few pages, and tie up some loose ends like the letters page and intro page etc. I’ll have one more busy week getting it ready for the printer, and then it will be out of my hands. It is kind of nerve racking to think that after all of this time, this comic will be finally finished!

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