Welcome to the new and improved Possum Press Blog!

Welcome everybody, to the new and improved Possum Press Blog!  It is going to be a little bit until I get everything customized and looking the way I want it, but I think this will work out a lot better than the old blog!  One feature I love about Word Press is the Categories.  Now if you want to see all of the Captain Smith and Broccoli boy strips together (God only knows why you would want to do that), you just look to the right and click Captain Smith and Broccoli Boy, under the categories heading, and Blammo!!…  all the strips are together!  It’s like magic.  Hopefully everyone who has links to me won’t mind changing their link to this site…….. (hint, hint,). 

Anyways, thanks for stopping by!  Hope you enjoy the new site!

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Ottawa International Animation Festival 2006: This Weekend!!

I’m packing my bags and taking the ol’ family to Ottawa for the weekend! For those of you who didn’t know, a commercial that I directed for Chuck Gammage Animation has been accepted into this year’s festival. It will be playing in the Short Competition #4, on Saturday, September 23, 3:00 pm (NAC – Southam Hall), and on Sunday, September 24, 11:00 am (Bytowne Cinema). I’ll also be at the Meet The Filmmakers 4, on Sunday, September 24, 9:30 am (Novotel – Cafe Nicole).

The Commercial is called Lion and Zebra (Sport in a Box), and is a public service announcment for United Nations Canada. If you can’t make it to the Festival, and haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here! 

If you are going to be in Ottawa, I hope to see you there! I’m going to do my best to attend a few of the other events, such as the Bob Clampett Retrospective. I’d also like to pick up a copy of Amid Amidi’s book Cartoon Modern, at his book signing. I’m looking forward to another fun and busy weekend. It should be good.

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Poptopia interview and more photos!

O.K. I lied…. No drawings this post. I’m hard at work on the Possum #2, so I don’t have a lot of time to do other drawings, and the stuff I’m working on now isn’t ready to show. I have about 10 pages roughed out, and I started inking page 1 last weekend! I’ll keep you updated. In the meantime, here’s some fun things to look at and listen to:

When we were at the Comic Expo, Mike and Myself were interviewed by Paul French, who runs a Podcast site, covering all things pop culture. It was my first interview, and I kind of froze up, but thanks to Pauls editing out ummms and pauses, I don’t sound half as stupid as I actually am. To listen to the POPTOPIA INTERVIEW CLICK HERE. Or click on the banner above to visit Paul’s Poptopia site first hand. (We are interviewed on episode 76). I am the first interview of the show, and Mike is the last.

Also: My brother Mike posted a batch of photos from the convention on his blog as well. There is lots of pictures of us sketching, as well as some of the colourful characters at the convention! Check them out here!

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One more batch of photos!!!

Here are a few more photos from the convention. Next post will be some drawings, I promise.

Believe it or not, we were pretty busy all day. (Thanks to Mike Helmer for the photo!)

Mike, hard at work!

And a few celeberties to top it off: Rowdy Roddy Piper! ,…..

Mini Me! ,…

….And the beautiful Inara and Mrs. Reynolds. (This one is for you Sam!)

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