The Possum makes Indie Spinner Rack’s best of 2006!!

Thanks Charlito, Mister Phil and The Franque!!  Click here to listen to part two of the best of 2006!  (Indie Spinner Rack episode 66).  Mom, you can go 44 minutes into the podcast and hear what they have to say about The Possum!  Everyone else should listen to the full hour and a half of goodness, brought to you by the fine folks at Indie Spinner Rack!  Thanks again guys.

click here to visit Indie Spinner Rack!

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Illustration Friday: superhero

This is the cover, and the first 5 pages of my first comic “The Possum #1”, which is 72 pages in length.  If you like what you see, you can order a copy for only $4.95 US, from myself here.  “The Possum #2” is almost finished, and should be available in the next couple of months.  Thanks for stopping by!  (To see more of this character, click here)

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The Possum gets a mention on Indie Spinner Rack!

Check out the Indie Spinner Rack podcast, episode 62.  Go 25 minutes into this episode, and hear them mention The Possum, along with a Spy Guy mention as well!  A while ago, I posted a few pages of The Possum #1 on their message board.  Charlito (host of ISR, along with Mister Phil), asked for a copy to review, and I gladly sent them one.  Well it appears they’ve gotten my package, and they gave it a nice mention on their show.  (Thanks guys).  Hopefully a full review is coming, so keep listening to their show.  Even before they plugged the Possum, they have had some great shows, such as an interview with Dave Sim, and fellow animation/comic guy (and friend) Jason Armstrong.  Click on the image (or here) to hear the show. 


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Possum Review by Troy Little

Comic book self publisher, Troy Little has recently posted about The Possum #1 on his blog. (click here to read his post). Troy has written, drawn, and published his own comic called Chiaroscuro, and has just recently put together a compilation of the first issues. As you can read on his post, I traded comics with Troy, (Issue #1 of the Possum, for issues 1-4 of Chiaroscuro). Despite what he may think, I think I pulled a fast one on him. This is a great looking comic, and I can’t wait to read more to find out where he will go with the rest of the story. Check out Troy’s blog, and pick up one of his books!

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First Free Sketch of the New Year!! (2007)

Happy New Year everyone!

I’m not going to get into my big game plan for 2007, or anything. I usually plan to do way more than humanly possible, then fall way short of it. Everything seems to take longer to do in reality, than when I think about doing it in my head. Hopefully I can get some more comics done, go to some more conventions, and have a birthday somewhere in there. Thanks to everyone who has ordered comics recently!

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