Dave Sim Reviews The Possum!!!

“Depraved, politically incorrect, action-filled humour the way you like it.”

                                                                       -Dave Sim on The Possum

Yesterday on Dave Sim’s Blog and Mail, Dave Sim (creator of Cerebus!) wrote a really nice review of The Possum! I’m really quite stoked about this.

I had met Dave Sim at the Paradise Con in Toronto, and nervously handed him the first 2 issues of The Possum. Me being a longtime Cerebus fan, I take a lot of inspiration from his comics, and what he has done in the comic industry. Mike and myself had a really nice chat with Dave after the show on Saturday, as everyone was packing up. He’s such a wealth of knowledge about comic books, and he was a really, really nice guy. I had met him only once before when I was about 15 years old, when Jeff Smith and Dave were doing a signing at the Silver Snail in Toronto. Jeff Smith had just started Bone at that time (I think he was on issue #5) and Dave did a cool Cerebus head sketch in my Cerebus phone book. I didn’t have much to say to him then, but even still, he took the time to have a little chat with us and answer all of our questions.

Anyways, quit reading this, and go read Dave Sim’s review of Cerebus here!: Dave Sim’s blogandmail #353 (august 30, 2007)

Next up?: The conclusion of the Fan Expo report. (Free sketch photos from Sunday)

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Fan Expo report: Friday and Saturday

Well, it’s been a whole year since me and Mike started doing conventions (7 of them this year), and we’ve learned a whole lot (I’ll write a post about some of that stuff later). For now, here are some of the sketches I did from Friday and Saturday, at the Fan Expo in Toronto.

Click on the pictures to see a larger version of the sketches.

This was great. Someone had an issue of Alpha Flight #6, and he was getting artists to fill in all of the blank panels. Mike did the top panel, and I did the last one. John Migliore’s panel of the Grad was already there when we got it in our hands.

Thanks to everyone who came and visited our booth, and who picked up some Possum and Spy Guy comics! I hope you enjoyed reading them!

I’ll post Sundays photos sooner than later! Keep checking back.

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TCAF report: Saturday

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The Toronto Comic Arts Festival was last weekend, and Mike and myself were there doing free sketches and selling comic books. The venue was great. It was on the University of Toronto campus, in a nice old building with lots of different rooms filled with artists and exhibitors to explore. Unfortunately we were kind of stuck in a corner, but that didn’t stop us from doing lots of free sketches.
(click on most of the images to see a larger version of the sketch)

Look at that! We’re starting to brainwash them young! (They told me that they didn’t even know the convention was today. They just dress like that everyday).

Spy Guy is drawn courtesy of Mike Kitchen

Next Post: TCAF Sunday!

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AWESOME: The Indie Spinner Rack Anthology

A while back, Charlito from the Indie Spinner Rack podcast, asked me if I would like to contribute a few pages of comics for their anthology that they were putting together. All net profits for the book will go towards the non-profit ISR ‘cast and will also go to help establishing a scholarship to Vermont’s Center for Cartoon Studies.

This book is 208 pages long, and is loaded with great artists. (click here to see who!) I contributed a short 2 page comic of the Possum called “Deadly Death Notes of Death”. (If you have been reading this blog for a while, some of you might recognize about 60% of it). This looks to be a really cool anthology, and I’m glad I could be a small part of it. If you are a fan of comics, then I would really recomend picking this one up.

If you pre-order from Discount Comic Book Services (here) before Aug 31st, you can receive a 45% discount. The book is set to debut in October at the Small Press Expo, which I will be attending, and will be available in comic stores shortly after that. Go here for more information about this AWESOME anthology!!

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Paradise Cottage Comicon: special report

Last weekend was Paradise Comic’s Cottage Comicon. We didn’t know what to expect of this Convention, but seeing as it was in cottage country, not far from my grandparent’s cottage, we figured “What the heck?”. How often do you get to wake up and take a bath in the lake, the morning before a comic convention?

After a good scrub in Lake Simcoe, we headed off to the convention! This is the life. We weren’t too sure what to expect from this convention, but seeing as tables were free for artists, it would be pretty tough to not come out ahead.

Before we were even set up, we had already sold a Value Pack, and we each had a sketch request for Wonder Woman!

Click on image to enlarge

The convention consisted mainly of exhibitors looking at other exhibitor’s stuff. It was actually pretty hard to tell who were exhibitors and who were fans. I saw a couple familiar faces from past Toronto conventions, which was really nice, and made some cool trades (Possum comics for older 70’s DC comics!). This convention reminded me of the first convention that I had ever attended back when I was 11 or 12. It was in Burlington, at a Holiday Inn, and the highlight was buying mini comics for a quarter from the Lethargic Comics crew. Each comic came with a free sketch. I remember there was quite a crowd of kids around that table, and I think me and Mike walked away with 4 or 5 comics (with sketches) each. That table is the benchmark for what I think a table at a comic convention should be. It was a fun table to be around, and the price was something that a kid could afford. (best $1.25 I’ve ever spent)

The family even showed up!

I even made my grandma buy a comic for a free sketch! If you can’t get rich off of your family, then who can you get rich off of? All in all, it was a fun day. We sold 2 or 3 comics, enjoyed some sun, and did a few sketches. Hopefully they’ll do it again next year. (Although, I’m not sure if we made our gas money back).

Next weekend…….. TCAF

Update: Mike has his Cottage Con report posted here!

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Paradise COTTAGE Comicon is this weekend!

What are you doing for the long weekend? Cancel all of your plans on Sunday, August 5th and come to the Paradise Cottage Comicon, at
Lionshead Lakefront Resort and Yacht Club, located at the lakeside community of Jackson’s Point Village in Georgina, Ontario – on the shores of beautiful Lake Simcoe. (about an hour drive from Toronto).

Admission is FREE!!!!!, and Mike and I will be doing sketches and selling comics, along with these other guests!! A lakeside comic convention. You can’t beat that.

Hopefully we’ll see you there. (Here’s the link to Map Quest’s directions)

Here’s a list of some of the other conventions that Mike and I will be attending:

TCAF – Toronto (August 18th &19th)
Fan Expo – Toronto (August 24 – 26)
Word on the street – Toronto (September 30th)
Small Press Expo – Maryland (October 12 – 14)

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