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Magical amount commercial

Here’s a commercial that I did some animation on last year (November 2007) through Yowza animation here in Toronto.  All of the animation up until the 34 second mark was animated by me.

The song is pretty addictive (much like smoking).  My 4 and 2 year olds at the time, were constantly singing this song, which was pretty funny.  Now their favorite songs are “takin’ care of business” by BTO and “wouldn’t it be nice” by the Beach Boys. 

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Hanging out with the real comics at the Silver Snail, Toronto

My brother Mike was at the Snail the other day, and took this undercover photo.  The Possum has graduated from the “Indy” shelf in the back corner, to the “real” comic shelves (alphabetized and everything).  I guess it has been selling fairly well, dispite being hidden in the back of the store, so the fine folks at the Silver Snail decided to give it a chance and put it on display for all to see. 


Seeing it up on the shelf, makes me think the title could use a little bit of tweeking to make it stand out a bit more.  What do you guys think? 


Apparently, Mike said last week that they had them spread out, and issues 1, 2 and 3 were all visible.  I guess now is a good opportunity to thank all of the Comic shops who have agreed to carry The Possum!  Hopefully it will be popping up in more and more comic shops as time goes on, and maybe some day it will even be a normal occurance to walk into your local comic shop and see The Possum on the shelves.  If that’s going to happen, I guess I better get issue #4 finished!  (I’m almost finished all of the pencils, and half of the inks!)….. almost time for the big push.

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The Possum, Issue#4 powerbar

Making comics is like pulling teeth, sometimes…..  Page #19 is currently sitting on my drawing board, half pencilled.  I jumped ahead and pencilled the last page already, so that leaves me with just under 5 pages to go, as far as pencilling is concerned.  I’ve inked up to page 10.  Once the pencilling is out of the way, that means most of the thinking and planning is finished, then it’s just a matter of hard work to finish the inking.  I’m getting really anxious to finish this comic, so that’s a good thing. 

Here’s a little sneek peak, at page 7 to wet your appetite!

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Word on the Street 2008 report


Once again, Possum Press and Ultraist Studios spent Sunday, September 28th, at the Word on the Street Festival, in Toronto. This is an annual event, and our second time attending. We were blessed with two consecutive years of nice sunny weather, and lots of people visiting our table. I always love this event, because it brings out a lot of young kids, which is always fun.

This is the first show that we brought out our life size cardboard cutouts of Spy Guy and The Possum, which were used for the “Superhero Movie”, which came out last spring I believe. (I’ll have to do another post about that soon, as the stand-ups and my ugly mug made it into the movie)…….

A big thanks to everyone who came out, and spent a little bit of their hard earned money supporting our comics! (or their parent’s hard earned money). Maybe we can do it again next year!

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Indie Comic Review, reviews The Possum #1

At last year’s Small Press Expo, Alex Haas, of “Indie Comic Review” got his hands on a copy of The Possum, issue #1.  (or maybe I gave him one).  His review is now up on the Indie Comic Review website, and you can click here to read it, or here, to read all of his other reviews.  Here’s a quote:

“The Possum tries to come off as an old-school super hero comic, of course, it also tries really hard to spoof that same format.  It succeeds brilliantly at both”

It’s all down hill after that…….. (well, actually it isn’t). 

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Comic Geek Speak reviews the Possum again! Issues One, Two, and Three

“It’s old school in that it’s… it’s news print, it’s black and white… it’s just like…(sigh), it’s like reading a comic book again.”

                                    Bryan Deemer

Paul French, and Scott Coles (Possum readers extrordinaire) drove down to Comic Geek Speak’s Super Show, earlier this month, and brought with them a box full of Possum and Spy Guy comics to hand out. They didn’t have a lot of room in their car, so they sacrificed their clean socks and underwear to fit them in (thanks guys)! To make a long story short, Adam Murdough (one of the hosts of Comic Geek Speak) got ahold of some Possum Comics, and liked them enough to do a nice review on the show. Adam gives his review about 18 minutes into episode 518 of the podcast. It’s a nice 4 or 5 minute review, and you can listen to it right…………. here!

Or you can go here, to the official Episode page, and listen there.

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Possum #1 – review

“The art is remeniscent of Sergio Aragones, or Brian Lemay”

The fine folks at Geeking Out Comic Sneek Peek O’the Week reviewed the Possum #1 a while back.  I came across this the other night on youtube.  Here’s the full video

They reviewed Mike’s Spy Guy: Mini’s as well.  See that one here

The Possum #1, Spy Guy: Mini’s and more are available for purchase at the Possum Press store, or the Ultraist Studios store.  

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A couple more…..

Newly recruited Possum reader, James Clarke, sent me a scan of his “Possum/skrull” free sketch that I did for him at the Fan Expo.  He gave me the idea for the sketch (after some prodding from his family).  Thanks a lot James, for sending me the nice scan!

I was also going through my computer files, and found a whole bunch of other sketches I did for people who ordered comics through my website (that’s right!  you get a free sketch with website orders as well!)  I won’t punish you by making you look at all of them right now…. (maybe later), but here’s 2 for fun.

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Fan Expo 2008: Sunday (and a little bit from Saturday)

Here’s some more free sketches done at the Fan Expo. 

This just seemed like the natural thing that Jughead and The Possum would be doing if they ever hung out.

Mike may have been AWOL this convention, but at least Spy Guy showed up!

We’ve done a few Secret Invasion covers now.  It’s always a pleasure defacing Marvel merchandise.


Batman is always fun to draw, and since Dark Knight came out this year, I got to draw him quite a bit.

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