Due to script delays for the cartoon show that I’m currently storyboarding on, I found myself with a 3 week break between storyboards.  Much to the disaproval of my bank account, rather than panic and try to find work to fill the gap, I’m going to try something that I haven’t really done before….. I’m going to focus on some projects of mine that I have been neglecting.  (One of those being The Possum #4). 

So that means for the next 3 weeks I will be attempting to get as much inking done on The Possum as is possible, as well as begin animating a little 30 second pitch for an educational childrens cartoon that could be pitched as interstitials.  (I’ll also be flooding the rink that I have made in my backyard, and taking the odd skating break:).  

Usually when I set goals for myself, they are totally unrealistic, but if I get half of what I wanted to get finished, completed, then I’ve exceded any sort of realistic expectations.  With that said, I don’t usually make New Years resolutions, but I do hope to focus more energy on my own projects in 2009.  I feel like I hit a brick wall in 2008, as my focus shifted from comics that don’t pay, to storyboards that do pay, so I could attempt to pay off some debts that I aquired from moving, having babies, and buying new cars in 2007.   I’ve gotta find a way to transition out of mindless work for hire, into doing my own work, which is much more fulfilling.  I need to make drawing fun again. 


Stay tuned…….