Superhero Movie screen grabs

Back in November 2007, My brother Mike and I were flown down to LA, to be part of ‘Hero Con” – a fake comic convention for the “Superhero Movie”, which was released in 2008.  The Possum Press archives finally obtained a copy of the movie, after unsuccessfully waiting more than half a year to find it in a bargain bin for under 5 dollars.  Instead I broke down and ordered it used off of Amazon for 8 bucks (which included shipping).  Saddly, we missed out on an Oscar last year for “Best Extra”, but at least Spy Guy and The Possum had a couple close ups in the film.  Get your magnifying glasses out, and see how many times you can spot the shmuck in the purple Possum T shirt (A.K.A. me), and the bald guy in the black Ultraist T shirt (A.K.A. Mike)! 

You can read earlier posts about our trip to LA here, and here.

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Feathertale Review meets The Possum

I spent the morning (and some of the afternoon) roughing out a couple pages for a 7 page Possum comic I’m doing for a magazine called The Feathertale Review

I get to do it in full colour which is kind of exciting, seeing as making colour indie comics is a good way to go bankrupt, therefore I don’t get to do colour comics too often.  Actually, I really like the black and white look, but once in a while colour is fun.  I’m a bit nervous about colouring a comic though, but I think I have a plan, so it’s just a matter of trying to get what is in my head on the page…. I’ll let you know how it turns out…. stay tuned.  (Don’t worry Brett and Lee…… everything will be fine). 

As for getting issue #4 finished and printed for August dispite this little detour as well as all of the animation work I have been doing, I think I have a plan for that too.  It’s amazing how much work you can get finished if you just give yourself a deadline.

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Spy Guy / Possum sketch

Here’s a Spy Guy / Possum sketch for you, on this Wednesday afternoon.  Spy Guy by Mike Kitchen and The Possum by me.  One day, we’ll have to do a team up…… Actually, that would be fun to do as a 24 hr comic somehow.  What would the rules be for that?  48 pages?  hmmmmm.

 This sketch was done a while ago for some fine chum, who ordered an Ultraist Studio/Possum Press value pack.  (you can have one just like it, along with the complete ‘Kitchen Bros.’ collection too!) Order one here!

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