Possum #4 update

Possum #4 Power Bar:

This weekend I inked the final panel of Possum #4!!  All 24 pages of the actual story are inked, which leaves me with the cover to finish, photoshop grey tones on the last 20 or so pages of comic, as well as a couple Captain Smith and Broccoli boy strips left to draw…….. (I was feeling pretty good with myself, until I typed that last sentence and realized how much work I still have to do).  Still, it’s a big weight off of my shoulders to have the actual comic drawn. 

I have to ship everything to the printers by mid July, so it leaves me with about a month to finish everything else which would be lots of time if I wasn’t working multiple jobs and didn’t have a family:)  Oh, well…. gut check time!!!  I’ll give you a sneak peak of the cover when it’s finished.

OTHER NEWS:  I noticed that the fine folks at Feathertale have their latest magazine up for sale on their website (issue #4), which has in it a 7 page Possum comic by yours truly (see previous post).  If you are interested in ordering one from them, you can do so here!

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Feathertale Review #4

Last weekend, I attended the launch party for the release of the Feathertale Review #4 and came home with a small box of these! (see photos below).  The Feathertale Review is a magazine released annually (soon to be 2 times a year), and is put together by Brett Popplewell and Lee H. Wilson.  It includes art, poetry, and short stories by over 50 writers and artists.  (Each issue also has a 7 page comic section, which is where I was lucky enough to end up).  The Review is just over 60 pages in total, and is squarebound and printed on a nice classy thick paper stock.

Cover by Oleg Portnoy


I’ve got a stack of about 30 magazines that I will have with me at this year’s Fan Expo to sell ($10 each).   (I’ll also have Possum #4 ready by then as well….. God willing!!)

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