A rare glimps at the Possum Press warehouse

Here’s a look deep into the bowels of the Possum Press studio.  Like the great tombs in ancient egypt, or the incredible catacombs in Rome, for those brave enough to explore the dark, enless pathways, a treasure awaits the few who make it to the end. 

And here it is…….. all the Possum comics one could imagine!  Behold, issues 1 through 4, all neatly boxed by Lebonfon printers.  It’s like printing your own money……. (at least that’s what I keep telling my wife.

Get your very own Possum comics here.

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Word on the Street 2009

Here’s some photos from The Word on the Street Festival, that took place a couple weekends ago.  This is always a fun festival to exhibit at, because there are so many young kids that wouldn’t attend a comic convention, because their parents aren’t necessarily the type of people who would bring their kids to a comic convention (ie. nerds).  It’s always an entirely different crowd which is good, and it shows by the number of issue #1’s that were sold, compared to the most recent issue #4’s. (which means there are a lot more new Possum readers out there now)…….. which may or may not be a good thing for society as a whole:)


There’s Mike hard at work in the background

Mike Kitchen’s Spy Guy stand up! (above)  The stand ups were a big hit again, as we saw lots of kids getting their pictures taken with them, and even pretending to beat them up.  Most kids couldn’t walk by without stopping to take a look:) 

And now some sketches:

I must say, the view at this festival is much more relaxing than your average comic convention.

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