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Some thoughts

Possum comicsA recent trip to the comic shop got me thinking….  It’s been a while since I’ve really enjoyed going to the comic shop and picking up new comics.  For some reason, the excitement isn’t what it used to be and there aren’t really any titles that I collect anymore.  Part of the reason I don’t buy as many comics as I used to is that it’s just too hard to jump in on a comic series if you don’t have access to all of the back issues, as most comics nowadays are long stories that require previous issues to understand what is going on in the story.  The other reason is that it’s just too darn expensive to buy those back issues, even if the comic shop has them all in stock.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the collector mentality, where you have to hunt down missing issues and fill in gaps of the story, but missing issues shouldn’t stall your enjoyment of the issues that you have.

Like all of my comic thoughts, I turn them back to my own comic, The Possum.  I’m currently working on issue #5, and I have certainly learned a lot as I’ve made mistakes on the previous issues.  As I look over the last 5 issues of The Possum, and as I get set to plot out the next couple, I realize that I need to make each issue stand alone better as it’s own story.  Issue #1 works, but it’s 72 pages.  Issues #2,3 and 4 work together, but on their own they fall into the aforementioned category.   Moving on, it’s a goal of mine to condense the stories more and try to make each issue work on it’s own.  Sure there will be story arcs that weave their way through all the issues, as Stan Lee used to do so well, but each issue on it’s own HAS to make sense.

As I write this, I’m currently working on an 8 page Possum story, and a separate 4 page Possum story, for two different publications.  In total, I will have completed 5 short stories over the last few years, and I find these really good exercises to condense my writing and try to get more happening on each page.

The Possum rough inks by Blair Kitchen

As I look forward to 2011, I’m really pumped to make comics and try to implement some of these observations into my own work.  I’m going to start the year by taking a month or so off from my day job to focus on comics, with the goal of finishing these two short stories I’m working on, completing issue #5, and if all works out as planned, getting a good start on issue #6.  I’ve never taken more than a week off to work on comics before, so I’m really looking forward to trying to make the most of my time off.   I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Indie Comic Magazine

A little while ago, I was offered a spot to contribute an all new 8 page Possum story to a book called Indie Comic Magazine.  The book will be 64 pages, divided up 8 ways for 8 different indie artists to showcase their indie comics and reach a broader audience.  I’ve signed up to contribute to issue #3, which will be appearing for order in Diamond’s March Previews catalogue.  Mike will be contributing an all new 8 page Spy Guy comic in Indie Comic Magazine #2 as well, so be sure to keep your eye out for both of them.

Here’s page 1 so far.

Check out the Indie Comic Magazine website here to see all of the other indie creators who have signed up so far.

Also, if you’re an indie creator and would be interested in participating, you can find out more by downloading this PDF brochure.

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Influence Map

I thought I’d take a stab at this, seeing as everyone else was doing it.

1.  Empire Strikes back –  There’s so many images from this movie that are forever burned into my brain, such as the AT-AT Walkers on Hoth, The carbonite chamber on Cloud City, Darth Vader inviting Han solo to dinner, and this one of Luke Skywalker with his sunken X Wing….. For some reason, that orange flight suit has always caught my attention.

2.  Cerebus (Dave Sim)–  300 issues, self published.  How can you not be influenced by that when you’re self publishing your own comic?

3.  Calvin and Hobbes (Bill Watterson) – As a kid, I couldn’t get enough Calvin and Hobbes.  As an adult, I still can’t.

4.  Sergios Aragones’ Mad Marginals – I never had a lot of MAD comics as a kid, but the ones I had, I read them a lot!

5.  Looney Tunes (Chuck Jones) – The other directors were great (which is an understatement), but for some reason I’ve always been drawn to the Chuck Jones ones.

6.  Ronald Searle – I was introduced to Ronald Searle’s work by Chuck Gammage, while I was in college for animation.

7.  Tex Avery – Funny, funny, funny.

8.  Amazing Spider-Man – Looking at them now, I really, really admire Ditko’s work on Spider-Man (he did create him and all the cool villains after all), but as a kid I grew up in John Romita Jr’s era, which had a huge influence on me.  His father drew a good looking Spider-Man too.

9.  Groo the Wanderer (Sergio Aragones) – Again, Sergio Aragones had a huge impact on me as a kid, and Groo the Wanderer was one of the series that I had every issue of.

10.  Neal Adams’ Batman – This issue was in a box of comics my uncle left at our cottage for us to read (or maybe we hijacked the box at some point, unbeknownst to him), and a few drawings from it scared the heck out of me, but I loved it.  (Batman with lipstick and no shirt, ready to kick the crap out of Ra’s Al Guhl inparticularly).

11.  Don Martin – His drawings were just plain funny

12.  Archie – I never realized until just recently, how much the Archie comics I had as a kid influenced me.  It’s too bad that Archie comics suck nowadays.

13.  Robin Hood (Milt Kahl) – How can you be an animator and not drool over Milt Kahl drawings?

14.  Peanuts (Charles Schulz) – I like the early stuff the best.

15.  Tekkon Kinkreet – The movie blew me away when I saw it the first time.

16.  Maxfield Parrish (Mary Mary Quite Contrary) – I’ve just always loved this picture.  I’m still trying to find a print of it….. (I passed up on an opportunity to buy one once for a really good deal, and I’m still kicking myself for it, but at the time I was poor……. much like now).

You can download the template from ‘fox-orion’ over at Deviantart and make your own influence map.  (and post it in the comment section here too!)

Check out Mike’s over at his Ultraist Studios Blog Journal too.

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Video Blog: Word on the Street, Halifax 2010 (Possum Press intro)

Spy Guy and The Possum vs Word on the Street, Halifax 2010 part 1 from Possum Press on Vimeo.

Mike and Blair go to Halifax with their families to attend the Word on the Street Festival, Dave Sim’s last signing, and a Glamourpuss black tie event. In part 1, Dave Sim sings and signs comics for kids! We also get a glimps of Halifax’s night life.

This version is just a little different than the version over at the Ultraist Studios Blog Journal. Since we took our families with us and drove separately, Mike and I each documented our own travels to Halifax, so the first bit is the Possum Press version (be sure to check out Mike’s Ultraist Studios versions too), where as the second bit is ripped from the Ultraist Studios version……. Hope you enjoy.

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Limited Edition Print, from Possum Press and Ultraist Studios!

Join the Counter Culture Revolution!

Mike and I still have some limited prints left over from the Toronto Fan Expo, so if you’re going to be in Halifax on the 26th for the Word on the Street Festival and you’d like one, stop by the Possum Press and Ultraist Studios table and pick one up!

This print was a bit of an experiment for Mike and I, as up until now we haven’t sold prints before.  We had wanted to wait until something felt right to make a print out of, and on the way home from the San Diego Comicon, we came up with this.  I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out, and it’s the first joint piece of artwork we’ve done, other than our convention sketches, which we’ve done quite a few of. Spy Guy is penciled and inked by Mike Kitchen, and The Possum is penciled and inked by Blair Kitchen. The rest of the poster is the result of us passing the file back and forth and taking turns adding to it.

This print is 11×17 inches. (signed and numbered by Mike and yours truly of course)

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Video Blog – S.P.A.C.E. 2010 day 2

Here’s part 2 of Mine and Mike’s trip to Columbus, Ohio, where we took part in the 2010 Small Press and Alternative Comics Exposition (S.P.A.C.E.).

Spy Guy and The Possum vs SPACE 2010 Day 2 from Possum Press on Vimeo.

SPACE 2010 continues, as Mike and Blair interview creators such as Shane Houghton, Rafer Roberts, Pat Lewis, Derek Watson, Steve Peters, Max Ink, Tim Corrigan, Matt Feazell, David Branstetter as well as Bob Corby, Margaret Liss and Jeff Tundis.

Be sure to check out the websites of all of the great comic creators that we interviewed. There’s a lot of great stuff there.

Stay tuned for more video blogs of conventions we’ve been attending. (San Diego Comicon and Fan Expo are waiting to be edited and more footage will be shot at this month’s Word on The Street Festival in Halifax, when Mike and I make the trek out east with our familys in tow).

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