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Copy Cat – work in progress

Copy Cat – page 1

Here’s a few pages of the children’s book I’m working on, all coloured up.  None of these pages are final colours yet, as I’m still trying to figure out how I want them to look (or rather how to get them to look like I see them in my head…)  I find colouring very challenging to do, as it’s never been one of my strong points.  I’ve spent the majority of my career animating and only worrying about the rough drawing stage, as most of what I’ve done gets passed on to someone else, who cleans it up and colours it.  One of the nice things about doing your own work is that you get to focus on everything.  One of the not so nice things about doing your own work is that you realize how little you actually know, and how many areas you suck at.  Hopefully after making a few books, I’ll start to figure things out.

Copy Cat – page 8


Copy Cat – page 13


Copy Cat – page 25

Copy Cat – page 26


O.K….   Back to painting….

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More roughs for Copy Cat

Here’s a few more roughs for the children’s book I’m working on, called Copy Cat.  I have 36 pages roughed out, so now I’m in the process of trying to figure out the actual layout of the pages and put in the text.  From there I need to transfer each drawing onto illustration board so I can ink them, then scan them into the computer for colouring.  I’m hoping to start playing with colours on a few of these drawings this week.

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