Alphabuddies completed

[fusion_text]While I’m at it, here is the Alphabuddies short that I animated a few years ago, completed.  I’d love to find a way to make 26 of these… one starring each letter.  If anyone knows anyone with some funding, let me know![/fusion_text]

[fusion_text]My wife, Rochelle came up with these characters for a book that she’s working on.  This is part of a pitch to try to get these little guys animated.  The voices are by my daughter Avery and my nieces Anika and Raina, years ago, when they were tiny.[/fusion_text]

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First scene animated! (work in progress)

[fusion_text]The slow process of animating has begun!  Here’s a rough test of one of the scenes for my short Possum film.  This is a second pass in blue pencil.  I’ll do this pass and make a list of things to fix in the animation when I go over the drawings in pencil and try to make them more appealing.  Once I’m happy with the animation, I’ll put a new sheet of paper over each of the drawings and clean them up with a nice clean pencil line.[/fusion_text]

[fusion_text]This is a scene, just before he gets hit in the head by a garbage can![/fusion_text]

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