The Possum issue 5 original pages by Blair Kitchen

All the artwork for the interior pages of The Possum issue #5 is complete!  That’s 24 pages, pencilled and inked!  I should feel good about this, but there’s still lots of work to do before issue #5 is ready to go to the printers.  I’m half way through scanning all of these and I still need to put gray tones and dots on them, as well as finish the cover, letters pages, ads, and scan and tone 4 pages of Captain Smith and Broccoli Boy strips.  The goal is to finish by the end of May so that I can debut issue #5 at the San Diego Comicon, which I will be exhibiting at for the second year in a row.  Last year’s Comicon was a blast, and I’m hoping this years will be just as exciting.

Man, I’m looking forward to getting this comic finished and starting work on issue #6!!!  (all in due time…… all in due time).