OK. Nap time is over.  Besides working my full time job on Wayside, I’ve got a million other things on the go.  Of course, I have to get going on The Possum #3 comic, as well as continue with this childrens book I started illustrating for a friend.  (I’ve been putting this off for too long).  I was also asked to contribute a few pages to an anthology comic being put out by the fine folks at the Indie Spinner Rack, and the deadling for that is April 1st.  I’m going to be putting in a 2 page Possum story that was posted here a while back, but I have to add panels, and modify it to fit a comic book format.  The anthology comic is going to debut at the Small Press Expo in October, in Maryland.   Before I get The Possum #2 back from the printers, I have to update my website and store, and work on getting this thing distributed, as well.  APE is also coming up soon!  Oh, and we’re getting ready to sell our town house and move to something a bit bigger.  (decluttering, putting things in storage, looking at houses etc.)

I think there is something else that I am forgetting.  I need to get myself a day planner……., now where did I put my kids……. I hope Rochelle is with them.