Copy Cat – photos from Studiocomix Press

All of the “guts” of Copy Cat are now printed, and the fine folks (Hi Alfonso!!) at Studiocomix Press are hard at work binding all of the 600 hardcover books that have been printed!  I’m really happy with how everything is progressing, and Alfonso even decided to upgrade the binding and sew through the folds for an even better looking book at no extra cost to you or me!    Below are some photos sent to me by Studiocomix Press to show how things are coming along!  (Needless to say, I’m pretty excited!)

If you haven’t had a chance to order a Copy Cat book for yourself yet, books are now available at the Possum Press store and will be shipped as soon as the books arrive from the printers (which will be very soon!!):

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Copy Cat Stickers are printed and in the mail (to me)!

Copy Cat stickers (which you will be getting with every book order) have been printed and are in the mail. The bookmarks and the actual book are being printed as we speak! One step closer to getting the books into everyone who backed the Kickstarter project’s hands! Thanks again for all of your support!

Photo taken by Sticker Giant

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Copy Cat is now available on InDemand!

Hi everyone! It’s me again!! Many people have emailed me, saying that they missed the Kickstarter deadline, so this is your lucky day!! While I get the files ready for the printer and while Alfonso Espinos is busy printing the book, I have opened an InDemand page where people can have access to all of the Kickstarter rewards for the next few months! Please continue to share! Thanks to everyone who backed Copy Cat on Kickstarter and made it successful!!! You guys made this possible!


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70 minutes left in the campaign!!

Hey everyone! We are down to the final stretch, and the ticker is ticking off minutes instead of days!! Today has surpassed all of my expectations as we hit the $10,000 stretch goal and now have passed the $12,500 mark! Thank you so much!! Lets see who is the biggest procrastinator out there, as there is still 70 minutes left to back Copy Cat!! This campaign ends at 11:40pm ET! (tick, tick, tick, tick,….)

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$10,000 Stretch Goal Reached!!! Stickers for Everyone!!!

Hey everyone! With just 8 hours left in the campaing, WE REACHED THE $10,000 STRETCH GOAL! That means that every book will come with stickers!! Thanks so much for helping us reach this goal! There’s 8 hours left, so there is still time to share the Kickstarter link with friends, family and random strangers that you meet on your way home from work!

Thanks again for all of your support!

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