My scanners have been acting up, and getting progressively worse over the last year, until recently they were both scanning so light that I couldn’t scan anything.  I have no idea what was going on, because it was 2 scanners, and I tried them both on 2 different computers and the same thing was happening.  It was driving me crazy!!  I haven’t been able to scan anything recently (hense the lack of drawings posted here lately).  Today I had to scan something to email to someone for work, so I thought I’d give it another try, and if it was only going to be a crappy light image that you could hardly see, well then so be it, that was what they would get for now (it was only a rough drawing that I had to send).  Well, I scanned the drawing without changing anything since the last scan I tried, and it came out perfect!……  So I tried scanning this strip that has been sitting here finished for a while, with no way of getting it on the computer……… and it came out perfect.  (Supernatural forces are at work here folks).  Did I mention that I hate computers.

All of the other Captain Smith and Broccoli Boy strips are here, if you wanted to get caught up with the story so far.