Zucaritas – Karate Soccer

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This was my first commercial directing animation for Chuck Gammage. It is a Zucaritas (Frosted Flakes) commercial for Mexico. In this case, we were matching to live action, so there wasn’t much room for creativity, as the shots were already determined for us. Sam Chou went to Brazil for the live action shoot (They didn’t trust me alone in Brazil on my first live action shoot, with nobody speaking english) and co-directed with me through the layout stage. Then he buggered off as quick as he could. The animators were me, Chris Land and Sam.
Don’t mind the image quality. Click on the image to view the commercial.  (Or just click here). 

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Classical Animation Medly

Here is a sample of some of the commercial animation work I have been doing over the last few years. All of these commercials were for Chuck Gammage Animation in Toronto.

Stop Motion Medly

I spent a year doing stop motion animation for Disney’s Jo Jo’s Circus, at Cuppa Coffee animation. It was a lot of fun, but I missed drawing. I’d love to try out some feature stop motion at some point though.

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UN commercial


Hey. Here is a commercial I animated/directed for Chuck Gammage Animation. It’s a United Nations Canada commercial for their “Sport in a Box” campaign. You can view it on Cartoon Brew. I did the lion and zebra spot, and Sam Chou did the fly and spider spot. They were alot of fun to do, but it was a very tight schedule. Hal Mayforth designed both spots.  Click on the lion/zebra image to view the commercial directly.

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