Comic Stenography

I was browsing through old files on my computer, and came across these 7 pages of comic stenography I did a few years ago.  A group of Toronto comic artists were invited to draw a comic in real time, capturing an event involving 3 speakers speaking about a topic of their choice.  We were given free range, to cover the event however we would like, so this is my version of what took place at Fort York’s barracks on October 22nd, 2007.  The entire event lasted about two hours if I remember correctly, so we had to draw fast.  The bald guy in the comic below, is my brother, Mike, who also stenographied, stenographed, ….. stenographicated (?)……. you know what I mean…… 


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Due to script delays for the cartoon show that I’m currently storyboarding on, I found myself with a 3 week break between storyboards.  Much to the disaproval of my bank account, rather than panic and try to find work to fill the gap, I’m going to try something that I haven’t really done before….. I’m going to focus on some projects of mine that I have been neglecting.  (One of those being The Possum #4). 

So that means for the next 3 weeks I will be attempting to get as much inking done on The Possum as is possible, as well as begin animating a little 30 second pitch for an educational childrens cartoon that could be pitched as interstitials.  (I’ll also be flooding the rink that I have made in my backyard, and taking the odd skating break:).  

Usually when I set goals for myself, they are totally unrealistic, but if I get half of what I wanted to get finished, completed, then I’ve exceded any sort of realistic expectations.  With that said, I don’t usually make New Years resolutions, but I do hope to focus more energy on my own projects in 2009.  I feel like I hit a brick wall in 2008, as my focus shifted from comics that don’t pay, to storyboards that do pay, so I could attempt to pay off some debts that I aquired from moving, having babies, and buying new cars in 2007.   I’ve gotta find a way to transition out of mindless work for hire, into doing my own work, which is much more fulfilling.  I need to make drawing fun again. 


Stay tuned…….


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Being Spread Thin.

Have you ever tried working 2 or 3 jobs, making a comic book in your spare time, and trying to spend time with your family all at once? I’m sure all of those freelance artists out there know what I mean.
Sometimes I dream of just being able to concentrate 100% on one thing, instead of having 4 or 5 things on the go at all times. I like being productive, but this is getting a little rediculous……

……There. That’s out of my system……… Right! back to work then.

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That’s me…. sporting Bart Simpson yellow.

Well, if you are wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, this is why.
I apologize to anyone whose conversation with me got cut short at the Paradise Comicon on Sunday, because of me running to the bathroom to puke, but I have a good excuse. Turns out I had a pretty good liver infection.
Starting on Sunday, June 9th I had pains in my abdomine. After a visit to my family doctor, a visit to the Burlington Hospital’s Emergency, and another visit to The Toronto Western Hospital’s Emergency, I somehow was sent home without a single thing done to me (this took up 4 days of pain). Things started to feel better by Friday, which was convenient, because Saturday was moving day. I continued to move our stuff from our town house in Burlington, to our new house in Carlisle, with the help of great family and friends. (We love our new place in the country. The kids have lots of room to play and to get into trouble now!). On Saturday night it was back to excrutiating pain. On Wednesday I had an appointment with my liver doctor (my liver isn’t pulling it’s weight lately, and I don’t even drink!), and by Wednesday afternoon I was checked into Toronto Western Hospital again, where they proceeded to pump me full of antibiotics. A week later I was allowed to go home to my new house that I had hardly seen. (Oh, did I mention that my kids got the chicken pox?) My poor, poor, beautiful wife, left to unpack a house, worry about me, and take care of two kids with chicken pox. She is an amazing woman. On the bright side, I was able to get 5 pages of the Possum #3 roughed out, plus get 2 weeks worth of paying work done, while I was on my vacation at the hospital. Say all you want about computers and fancy tablets, but there are benefits to pencil and paper. There isn’t much to do in the Hospital, so you might as well make use of the time.

Well, I’m exhausted, but home now, and still popping antibiotics. Hopefully everything will be back to normal (whatever normal was) and I’ll return to my usual skin colour in the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more exciting adventures.

Hopefully I’ll have some convention pics up soon.

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Back to Work, Slacker!

OK. Nap time is over.  Besides working my full time job on Wayside, I’ve got a million other things on the go.  Of course, I have to get going on The Possum #3 comic, as well as continue with this childrens book I started illustrating for a friend.  (I’ve been putting this off for too long).  I was also asked to contribute a few pages to an anthology comic being put out by the fine folks at the Indie Spinner Rack, and the deadling for that is April 1st.  I’m going to be putting in a 2 page Possum story that was posted here a while back, but I have to add panels, and modify it to fit a comic book format.  The anthology comic is going to debut at the Small Press Expo in October, in Maryland.   Before I get The Possum #2 back from the printers, I have to update my website and store, and work on getting this thing distributed, as well.  APE is also coming up soon!  Oh, and we’re getting ready to sell our town house and move to something a bit bigger.  (decluttering, putting things in storage, looking at houses etc.)

I think there is something else that I am forgetting.  I need to get myself a day planner……., now where did I put my kids……. I hope Rochelle is with them. 

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