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Copy Cat Bookmarks!

Over the weekend, I designed 2 double sided bookmarks that will be rewarded to anyone with a $30 pledge and higher! The bookmarks will be double sided and have rounded corners (not shown here). I’m still debating on whether it’s feasible to include a tassel or not… I’d like to, but it adds to the cost and time. We will see.

If you ordered a book without a bookmark and would like one, it’s not too late to change your pledge level! Each backer at this level will receive BOTH bookmarks!

There’s only 3 days left in this campaign so please continue to spread the word!! The more Copy Cat readers at this stage, the better!!!

Thanks so much for all of your help. I’m getting very excited to get this book printed and into everyone’s hands!!


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Copy Cat process video: How to make a Children’s Book

Here is a video I made, showing my work process for Copy Cat. There is 7 days left to back my Kickstarter campaign, COPY CAT! Remember… Every backer gets their name PRINTED INSIDE THE BOOK, so back this project right now!!!  Kickstarter link:

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$10,000 Stretch Goal Added!

With 10 days left on the Copy Cat Kickstarter campaign, I’m still looking to reach as many new readers as possible, so lets make the most of this campaign!! If we can reach $10,000 I will add a Copy Cat sticker sheet to every book pledge free of charge! (That means you don’t have to do anything… Every book will automatically come with a sticker sheet inside)

So lets keep spreading the word and see if we can reach the $10,000 stretch goal!! If we reach it, I will add another stretch goal to keep this thing rolling!

Thanks for backing and sharing the kickstarter link with everyone you know!!

Kicktarter link:


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Copy Cat Sketch 02, 11x speed

Here is another 11X speed video of me sketching Copy Cat. This sketch (or one just like this) will be going to anyone who pledges $255 or more to my children’s book, Copy Cat Kickstarter campaign (Here’s the link!) (I shot this the same time as the last one, hence the florescent light strobing… I’ll fix it for the next one!)

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WE ARE OFFICIALLY 100% FUNDED, which means that this book WILL happen! Thank you so much for your support!

We Did It!!!

There is still 13 days left in the campaign, so that still means 13 days of work! Please continue to share the Kickstarter link with anyone you think might be interested (or isn’t interested… I’m not picky!):

The next phase is adding some stretch goals, to continue with the momentum that we have. If you have something that you would like to see added to the project (stickers, prints, soft cover edition, etc.) please let me know by sending me a message or leaving a comment below. This is a joint effort and I’d love your input.

Thanks again for making this a successful endeavor!!



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Copy Cat Update – 87% funded with 14 days to go!

We are just beginning the second half of this Kickstarter campaign and the goal of $7500 is getting closer and closer!  Please continue to support this project by spreading the link (this one: and ordering a Copy Cat book for you or someone you know (neighbours, nieces, nephews, children, etc).  Everyone knows a kid that could use some good quality reading material!  (yeah… I’m looking at you!!!)

Here’s a longer video of me sketching Copy Cat at 11x speed… I wish I could draw this fast in real life!

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Over 100 Backers for Copy Cat!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who has backed Copy Cat vs the Bullies! As of now we are at 106 backers and 79% funded, with 15 days to go. This marks the official half way point of the campaign as far as days go. With that said, this is a marathon and we are reaching the point where projects tend to slow down. It is right now that it is more important than ever to share COPY CAT with everyone you know, to help keep the momentum going that was gained in the first half of the campaign. Please share this link:

Thanks so much for all your help! Lets get the word out!

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A Closer Look at the Interior Pages of COPY CAT vs THE BULLIES.

Here’s a look at the interior pages of my children’s book, Copy Cat vs The Bullies. This is the inside of the mock up, put together by Alfonso Espinos at Studiocomix Press in Kitchener where the final books will be printed. Check out Studiocomix Press right after you get your Copy Cat book from this link!

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