Indie Comic Review, reviews The Possum #1

At last year’s Small Press Expo, Alex Haas, of “Indie Comic Review” got his hands on a copy of The Possum, issue #1.  (or maybe I gave him one).  His review is now up on the Indie Comic Review website, and you can click here to read it, or here, to read all of his other reviews.  Here’s a quote:

“The Possum tries to come off as an old-school super hero comic, of course, it also tries really hard to spoof that same format.  It succeeds brilliantly at both”

It’s all down hill after that…….. (well, actually it isn’t). 

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Comic Geek Speak reviews the Possum again! Issues One, Two, and Three

“It’s old school in that it’s… it’s news print, it’s black and white… it’s just like…(sigh), it’s like reading a comic book again.”

                                    Bryan Deemer

Paul French, and Scott Coles (Possum readers extrordinaire) drove down to Comic Geek Speak’s Super Show, earlier this month, and brought with them a box full of Possum and Spy Guy comics to hand out. They didn’t have a lot of room in their car, so they sacrificed their clean socks and underwear to fit them in (thanks guys)! To make a long story short, Adam Murdough (one of the hosts of Comic Geek Speak) got ahold of some Possum Comics, and liked them enough to do a nice review on the show. Adam gives his review about 18 minutes into episode 518 of the podcast. It’s a nice 4 or 5 minute review, and you can listen to it right…………. here!

Or you can go here, to the official Episode page, and listen there.

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Possum #1 – review

“The art is remeniscent of Sergio Aragones, or Brian Lemay”

The fine folks at Geeking Out Comic Sneek Peek O’the Week reviewed the Possum #1 a while back.  I came across this the other night on youtube.  Here’s the full video

They reviewed Mike’s Spy Guy: Mini’s as well.  See that one here

The Possum #1, Spy Guy: Mini’s and more are available for purchase at the Possum Press store, or the Ultraist Studios store.  

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The Possum #3 (briefly) on Indie Spinner Rack episode #99

When I was at the Small Press Expo, in October, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Phil (one of the hosts of the podcast “Indie Spinner Rack“). I gave him the latest Possum comic, and Mike gave him the complete Spy Guy set. I also did a trade with Alec Longstreth (Phase 7). In episode #99, Mr. Phil, Charlito, and guest co-host Alec Longstreth go through their SPX loot.
At the 15 min 48 sec mark, they get to their Possum and Spy Guy comics. Click here to listen.

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Javier Hernandez’ Possum review!!

 A humor book that actually delivers on the humor.”

Javier Hernandez (creator of El Muerto, the Aztec Zombie) has posted a review of The Possum on his Blog!  Javier’s girlfriend picked up a copy of The Possum #1 at the APE expo in San Francisco, last April, and he told me “My girlfriend let me borrow her Possum #1 several months ago….. and I haven’t given it back yet!!”  He ordered his own copies of #1 and #2 a few weeks ago, and got this Possum sketch with his comics:

Check out Javier’s review of The Possum here, then order your issues of The Possum here, and your issues of El Muerto, the Aztec Zombie here!

Thanks Javier!

Next up:  The last batch of Fan Expo photos…… I promise.

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Dave Sim Reviews The Possum!!!

“Depraved, politically incorrect, action-filled humour the way you like it.”

                                                                       -Dave Sim on The Possum

Yesterday on Dave Sim’s Blog and Mail, Dave Sim (creator of Cerebus!) wrote a really nice review of The Possum! I’m really quite stoked about this.

I had met Dave Sim at the Paradise Con in Toronto, and nervously handed him the first 2 issues of The Possum. Me being a longtime Cerebus fan, I take a lot of inspiration from his comics, and what he has done in the comic industry. Mike and myself had a really nice chat with Dave after the show on Saturday, as everyone was packing up. He’s such a wealth of knowledge about comic books, and he was a really, really nice guy. I had met him only once before when I was about 15 years old, when Jeff Smith and Dave were doing a signing at the Silver Snail in Toronto. Jeff Smith had just started Bone at that time (I think he was on issue #5) and Dave did a cool Cerebus head sketch in my Cerebus phone book. I didn’t have much to say to him then, but even still, he took the time to have a little chat with us and answer all of our questions.

Anyways, quit reading this, and go read Dave Sim’s review of Cerebus here!: Dave Sim’s blogandmail #353 (august 30, 2007)

Next up?: The conclusion of the Fan Expo report. (Free sketch photos from Sunday)

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The Possum #2 (briefly) on Indie Spinner Rack episode #79

6:09 into episode 79 of the Indie Spinner Rack podcast, host Charlito receives his copy of The Possum #2. This was one of my favorite episodes, with a great 2 hour long interview with Steve Bissette. Go 6 minutes and 9 seconds into the podcast, and just keep on listening until the end. This episode is right up there with the Dave Sim interview. Awesome stuff Charlito and Mister Phil!

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Comic Geek Speak review of the Possum?

A while back, I mailed Bryan Deemer of the Comic Geek Speak podcast a copy of The Possum #1. I was told by Charlito (host of the Indie Spinner Rack podcast) that Bryan was a huge fan of Groo the Wanderer, and that he would probably really like The Possum. Since the Comic Geek Speak guys do 4 or 5 podcasts per week, I just couldn’t keep up listening to them all to see if they got my comic, and I fell behind. I had no idea whether or not it reached them, or if they mentioned it. While at the Paradise Comicon, Paul French, a Possum reader with a podcast of his own (Poptopia) told me he heard them talking about The Possum. He couldn’t tell me what episode it was, but all he could remember was that he heard it while in his car, and it was freaking cold out. Well, after doing some heavy listening, I found the episode where they received my package, and said that they will read it and review it soon. I have yet to find the review, but 3:44 into episode 232 (March 14, 2007) is where they mention The Possum for the first time. If anyone has heard the actual review let me know. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to listen to every Comic Geek Speak episode.

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