More Copy Cat books being signed!

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I’m about half way through the 600 Copy Cat books that need to be signed! To order your own Copy Cat, signed book go to today! (books are limited, so go now!)

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San Diego Comicon report: part 1

Mike Kitchen, Jesse Labbe, Anthony Coffey, Blair Kitchen

Well, Comicon is over, and it’s back to the grind…….. Man it was a busy and exhausting 5 days, but well worth it.  I always come back from these conventions pumped up and ready to make more comics!  Mike and I met a lot of really great new friends, and got a chance to hang out with some old friends too.  (pictured above is Mike and I with Jesse Labbe and Anthony Coffey,  of Berona’s War fame).

A special shout out goes to Troy Little, who was nominated for an Eisner award this year in the ‘best graphic novel for teens’ catagory, for his comic Angora Napkin!  Although he didn’t win, he had my vote.

Like all conventions, we did a bunch of free sketches for the fine folks who purchased Spy Guy and Possum comics.  Here’s a few of them:

As always, Spy Guy was drawn by Mike Kitchen, and The Possum by yours truly.

We took a lot of video during the convention as well, so keep an eye out for a Comicon 2010 Video Blog coming soon, much like our Wondercon Video Blog.  (There’s also a S.P.A.C.E. Video Blog that is 99% finished too, which should be online shortly as well!)

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Fan Expo 2009 – photos and sketches

Another Fan Expo has come and gone, marking the third complete year that Mike and myself have been attending conventions with our comics (our 4th Fan Expo).  Our table is looking a lot fuller, than 2006, when we had 3 issues printed between the two of us, and we are starting to see some momentum building over the last 3 years.  Here’s a few photos of us hard at work. 

Me sketching

Me not sketching

Mike hard at work


And now some of the sketches:

What happens in the first minute, when The Possum fills in for a vacationing Spider-man?


And now an endorsement from the Joker and Scarecrow:

See you at Word on the Street!


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Spy Guy / Possum sketch

Here’s a Spy Guy / Possum sketch for you, on this Wednesday afternoon.  Spy Guy by Mike Kitchen and The Possum by me.  One day, we’ll have to do a team up…… Actually, that would be fun to do as a 24 hr comic somehow.  What would the rules be for that?  48 pages?  hmmmmm.

 This sketch was done a while ago for some fine chum, who ordered an Ultraist Studio/Possum Press value pack.  (you can have one just like it, along with the complete ‘Kitchen Bros.’ collection too!) Order one here!

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Word on the Street 2008 report


Once again, Possum Press and Ultraist Studios spent Sunday, September 28th, at the Word on the Street Festival, in Toronto. This is an annual event, and our second time attending. We were blessed with two consecutive years of nice sunny weather, and lots of people visiting our table. I always love this event, because it brings out a lot of young kids, which is always fun.

This is the first show that we brought out our life size cardboard cutouts of Spy Guy and The Possum, which were used for the “Superhero Movie”, which came out last spring I believe. (I’ll have to do another post about that soon, as the stand-ups and my ugly mug made it into the movie)…….

A big thanks to everyone who came out, and spent a little bit of their hard earned money supporting our comics! (or their parent’s hard earned money). Maybe we can do it again next year!

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A couple more…..

Newly recruited Possum reader, James Clarke, sent me a scan of his “Possum/skrull” free sketch that I did for him at the Fan Expo.  He gave me the idea for the sketch (after some prodding from his family).  Thanks a lot James, for sending me the nice scan!

I was also going through my computer files, and found a whole bunch of other sketches I did for people who ordered comics through my website (that’s right!  you get a free sketch with website orders as well!)  I won’t punish you by making you look at all of them right now…. (maybe later), but here’s 2 for fun.

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Fan Expo 2008: Sunday (and a little bit from Saturday)

Here’s some more free sketches done at the Fan Expo. 

This just seemed like the natural thing that Jughead and The Possum would be doing if they ever hung out.

Mike may have been AWOL this convention, but at least Spy Guy showed up!

We’ve done a few Secret Invasion covers now.  It’s always a pleasure defacing Marvel merchandise.


Batman is always fun to draw, and since Dark Knight came out this year, I got to draw him quite a bit.

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Fan Expo 2008: Friday and Saturday

Well, another Fan Expo has come and gone.  This show is usually one of the better shows for sales, and that means that I’m kept busy doing lots of free sketches for all of those wonderful Possum readers!  Here’s a few of the ones that I did on Friday and Saturday.  Unfortunately, my camera’s batteries died on me (I think I left it on overnight), so I couldn’t take pictures of any of the sketches I did in the morning and early afternoon on Saturday, until a trusty fan was able to pick me up some batteries while he went out to lunch! 

I did this She-Hulk sketch for someone, and he never came back to pick it up.  If this is yours, give me an email, and we can work something out to get it to you:)


Next up: Sunday’s sketches; coming soon to a blog post near you!

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Extra! Extra! – update

Some of you, who have kept up on your Possum News, may have remembered me posting about my brother Mike and My (and more important, Spy Guy and The Possum’s) trip to LA to be extras in a movie. Well here’s the movie. It’s called Superhero.

We spent most of our time on set doing sketches for the crew members. This is a sketch I did for Sara Paxton (the leading lady).

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