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Small Press Expo Report: part 2

Here’s some more photos from SPX. (click on them to see a better photo of the sketch)
We did a lot of SPY GUY/POSSUM team-up sketches, which are always fun. I drew the Possum, and Mike drew Spy Guy.

I found that a lot of people asked for a sketch with the midget wrestlers in it at this show. Those are always fun ones to do.

..and last but not least, we had great neighbours at this year’s show. On the left is John Bintz who draws “A Moment of Clarity” and to the right is Kevin McShane, with his comic “Toupydoops”. (and in the middle…… that’s Mike, with our stuff).

It’s been a busy year for conventions. (8 of them in total for Mike and I). As of now, we don’t have anymore booked, so we have to start making our list for the upcoming year. I’ll keep you posted. Which ones are your favourites? Let us know, so we can hopefully make it out to them.

For more on our SPX trip, check out Mike’s Ultraist Studio Blog post here. (He’s got lots of photos, and a good portion of the weekend documented).

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Small Press Expo Report: part 1

Mike and I hopped into the Possum Press Van at 4:30AM on Friday, to make the 8.5 hour drive to Maryland from Toronto, for the Small Press Expo (SPX). The Expo started at 2PM, and we arrived at the convention center at 1PM, joking how we can’t show up to the local cons on time, yet we somehow managed to arrive in Maryland at the perfect time. 1 hour to eat some lunch, sign in and set up our table. By 2PM, we were ready to go.

To keep costs down on this trip, we decided to do away with the hotel room, and sleep in the Possum Press van. Surprisingly, we saved a couple of hundred dollars (which we wouldn’t have made up with sales), and had 2 really good night sleeps.
Now for some pics of happy customers! (click on the image for a better view of the sketches)

I’ll have more pictures tomorrow.

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Javier Hernandez’ Possum review!!

 A humor book that actually delivers on the humor.”

Javier Hernandez (creator of El Muerto, the Aztec Zombie) has posted a review of The Possum on his Blog!  Javier’s girlfriend picked up a copy of The Possum #1 at the APE expo in San Francisco, last April, and he told me “My girlfriend let me borrow her Possum #1 several months ago….. and I haven’t given it back yet!!”  He ordered his own copies of #1 and #2 a few weeks ago, and got this Possum sketch with his comics:

Check out Javier’s review of The Possum here, then order your issues of The Possum here, and your issues of El Muerto, the Aztec Zombie here!

Thanks Javier!

Next up:  The last batch of Fan Expo photos…… I promise.

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Fan Expo report: Friday and Saturday

Well, it’s been a whole year since me and Mike started doing conventions (7 of them this year), and we’ve learned a whole lot (I’ll write a post about some of that stuff later). For now, here are some of the sketches I did from Friday and Saturday, at the Fan Expo in Toronto.

Click on the pictures to see a larger version of the sketches.

This was great. Someone had an issue of Alpha Flight #6, and he was getting artists to fill in all of the blank panels. Mike did the top panel, and I did the last one. John Migliore’s panel of the Grad was already there when we got it in our hands.

Thanks to everyone who came and visited our booth, and who picked up some Possum and Spy Guy comics! I hope you enjoyed reading them!

I’ll post Sundays photos sooner than later! Keep checking back.

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