The Possum and Axe Cop!!!!

I’m a big fan of Axe Cop by Ethan Nicolle and his little brother Malachai, so when Ethan emailed me and asked me to do a pin up for his next Axe Cop book, I was super excited, but me being the slick promoter that I am (that’s sarcasm folks), I sheepishly asked if I could include The Possum in the pin up, fully expecting him to say “well, it should really be just Axe Cop and Axe Cop characters”, but to my delight, the Ethan’s reply back was as follows:  “Yeah go ahead! You can even. Do a one page comic if you want with axe cop and the Possum in it.”   Somehow I weaseled my way into doing a 2 page crossover, written by my kids, Avery (age 8 ) and Jacob (age 6) and drawn by yours truly!

Go to AXE COP.COM to read the full 2 page team up extraordinaire!!

If you’re not familiar with Axe Cop, I highly recommend checking it out!  Axe Cop is written by Malachai Nicolle (age 6 now, I believe) and is drawn by his older brother Ethan Nicolle (age 30 now, I believe).  Read the whole story here!

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The new Possum Press store


I am attempting to redo, and I started with a brand-spanking-new online store, complete with the ability to read all 4 Possum comics in their entirety for FREE, as well as two Possum mini stories I have done for the Awesome Anthology and The Feathertale Review #4.  You can also purchase these comics along with Spy Guy comics by my brother, Mike!  (Spy Guy issue #1 is available for reading as well!) 

Click here, and have a look around the new store. 

I’ve been meaning to redo the website for a while now, but I could never justify spending what little free time I have working on a website, rather than working on issue #5 or doing the millions of other things that are on my ‘to do’ list.  All those excuses vanished, when I broke my wrist playing hockey on Dec 10th (yeah, that’s right…….. my drawing wrist), and couldn’t draw for 3 weeks (6 weeks with a cast all together so far).  Not only did this give me 3 weeks vacation over Christmas (something that hasn’t happened since college), but it gave me an excuse to sit down and figure out how to use Dreamweaver.  (even if I only scratched the surface). 

I’ll be updating pages when I have a chance, so I’ll let you know when they’re finished, although I don’t recommend holding your breath now that I’m back to drawing again, seeing as it took me this long to update the main page and the store.


P.S.  Happy New Year! 

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Upcoming Shows

Here’s some of the upcoming comic conventions that me and Mike will be exhibiting at.  If you are in the area, we’d love to see you there.  Click on the banners to find out more about each show.  These are the ones that are confirmed, and we’ll keep you posted on any others.

Paradise Toronto Comicon: June 8-9

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We’re going to APE!!!

Well, It’s official!  I’ve got my plane ticket, and we’re on their website as exhibitors (Possum Press and Ultraist Studios)!  Me and my bro Mike, are going to be exhibiting at the Alternative Press Expo this April 21 – 22!  I have been working like crazy, trying to get The Possum #2 finished for this show.  It will take 3 – 4 weeks to print, so that means all of the artwork has to be finished within the next 3 – 4 weeks.  (It seems like a lot of time, but cramming it in on weekends and weeknights, doesn’t leave that much breathing room).  Thanks to some late nights, I have inked the first 18 (of 24) pages, and have 2 more to rough out. 

I’m really looking forward to this Expo.  Hopefully I’ll get to see you there, if you are in, or around San Francisco!  I’ll keep you updated!

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The Possum makes Indie Spinner Rack’s best of 2006!!

Thanks Charlito, Mister Phil and The Franque!!  Click here to listen to part two of the best of 2006!  (Indie Spinner Rack episode 66).  Mom, you can go 44 minutes into the podcast and hear what they have to say about The Possum!  Everyone else should listen to the full hour and a half of goodness, brought to you by the fine folks at Indie Spinner Rack!  Thanks again guys.

click here to visit Indie Spinner Rack!

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Spooky Halloween Post


Well, Halloween is coming up, and a lot of people have been posting scary things, to get people in the mood.  So, if you want to be scared, check out these documentaries.  If these don’t scare you, then nothing will.  Do yourself a favour and try to get through them, and remember, “Truth is Stranger than Fiction”!!!


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