“Is that the one?”

Here is another illustration for the childrean’s book that I am working on. I’m trying to squeeze a drawing in here and there between all of the other stuff I’m doing. These are pencil and watercolour. If anyone has any constructive criticism, it would be very appreciated. I’m not a painter, but I’d love to learn, and I figure the only way to learn is to just do it.

Side note:  I’m looking at this on my computer at work, and most of the subtle colours in the clothes, wall and window aren’t even showing up.  I have a Mac at home and the colours are there on it.  Maybe I should try to darken the picture a bit.

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Children’s book Illustration

This is an illustration for a children’s book that I am illustrating for a friend. It is a really cute story about Christmas.

I posted some rough sketches for this a while ago, but I am finally starting to work on some of the finished illustrations (between everything else that I am doing). Painting isn’t one of my strong points, but I would really like to get batter at it, so hopefully when this book is finished, I will have gotten better, and the pictures won’t suck too much.

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