Issue #5 is off to the printer!

The Possum issue #5 cover image

Yesterday I sent all 40 pages (plus front, back and inside covers) to the printer!  It’s out of my hands now…….

Issue #5 will be debuting at the San Diego Comicon in July and should be available to order off my website as soon as I get back.  I’ll keep you posted on the details!


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Feathertale review #7

I’ve been hard at work…… honest.  Last week, I received another complimentary comic (Feathertale Review #7) in the mail, featuring an original 4 page Possum comic, mentioned here.   This is the second Feathertale magazine that The Possum has appeared in (the other one, being Feathertale Review #4).

If you’d like a copy of the newest Feathertale, you can purchase one from their website here.

In other news, I’m working hard to finish The Possum #5 in the next few weeks, so it will be ready to bring to the San Diego Comicon this July!  Stay tuned for updates on it’s progress!


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Commercial Break: Indie Comics Magazine #2 is now in stores!!

Comic book readers who are interested in Aazurn Publishing’s Indie Comics Magazine and did not preorder #2 need to buy today at their local comic shop, said Editor Gary Scott Beatty.

“They’ll disappear fast! We have no huge overprint, no digital version and no back issue sales,” Beatty explained.

Appearing in this issue is Mike Kitchen (Spy Guy), Alonzo Washington (Omega 7), Tim Vigil (Faust), Terry Cronin (Students of the Unusual), Michael Marcus and George McVey (Pulp Dreams, IF-X), Gary Scott Beatty (Jazz: Cool Birth), and Blair Kitchen (The Possum).

The cover to #2 features a full color painting by Tom Kelly (DC’s Zuda).

“We’re receiving kudos for the diverse styles in Indie Comics Magazine #1,” said Beatty. “#2 has a different lineup. Both issues feature done-in-one stories, short bios of the creators and a huge chunk of indie goodness.”

Indie Comics Magazine introduces readers to talented comic book pros with regional fan bases that deserve wider audiences, said Beatty. It is likely the talent in Indie Comics Magazine #2 will never appear in the same publication together again.


This is the comic that The Possum: “Monkey See, Monkey Kill” appears in.


Update:  ICM #2 on the shelf at Conspiracy Comics in Burlington, ON.

Photo via Mike Kitchen and the Ultraist Journal

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And now for this commercial break!

CEREBUS TV CROSSOVER! “The Kitchen Family Players” sneak preview meets THE LAST SIGNING coverage as Mike (SPY GUY) Kitchen, Blair (THE POSSUM) Kitchen, their wives and seven (count ‘em) seven children drivefrom Southern Ontario to Halifax, Nova Scotia for Dave Sim’s THE LAST SIGNING. A lead-in to a LOST BUT NOW FOUND CEREBUS TV EPISODE from July 2010, “Head Sketches R Us” CEREBUS AS BLAIR KITCHEN’s THE POSSUM with guest appearance of all-the-crazy-stuff Indy mini-comics genius Ralph Kidson sends from England. And what was up with Alex Raymond and all the photos of him with pretty young models?
It’s the fasted half-hour of Internet Comic Book TV!

Begins showing at 10pm ET / 7pm PT on Friday, April 1st at http://www.Cerebus.TV/


Spread the word!

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The Possum: “Monkey See, Monkey Kill!” available to order now!!!

Remember a while back I was working on an 8 page Possum comic to appear in Indie Comics Magazine?….  Well this week is the time to go down to your local comic shop and have them order Indie Comics Magazine #2 from their Diamond Previews catalogue (order code FEB11 0699).  The deadline to order is next Friday, February 18, 2011.  Also appearing in this issue is an 8 page Spy Guy comic, titled “The Case Of The Anunnaki Artifact”.  There will be no back orders on this one, so don’t miss out on letting your local comic retailer know that you want one!!  (Mike even made a printable form that you can take to your comic shop with all the info they need!!!  It’s that easy.)  Click here for the printable form

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Indie Comic Magazine

A little while ago, I was offered a spot to contribute an all new 8 page Possum story to a book called Indie Comic Magazine.  The book will be 64 pages, divided up 8 ways for 8 different indie artists to showcase their indie comics and reach a broader audience.  I’ve signed up to contribute to issue #3, which will be appearing for order in Diamond’s March Previews catalogue.  Mike will be contributing an all new 8 page Spy Guy comic in Indie Comic Magazine #2 as well, so be sure to keep your eye out for both of them.

Here’s page 1 so far.

Check out the Indie Comic Magazine website here to see all of the other indie creators who have signed up so far.

Also, if you’re an indie creator and would be interested in participating, you can find out more by downloading this PDF brochure.

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Limited Edition Print, from Possum Press and Ultraist Studios!

Join the Counter Culture Revolution!

Mike and I still have some limited prints left over from the Toronto Fan Expo, so if you’re going to be in Halifax on the 26th for the Word on the Street Festival and you’d like one, stop by the Possum Press and Ultraist Studios table and pick one up!

This print was a bit of an experiment for Mike and I, as up until now we haven’t sold prints before.  We had wanted to wait until something felt right to make a print out of, and on the way home from the San Diego Comicon, we came up with this.  I’m pretty pleased with the way it turned out, and it’s the first joint piece of artwork we’ve done, other than our convention sketches, which we’ve done quite a few of. Spy Guy is penciled and inked by Mike Kitchen, and The Possum is penciled and inked by Blair Kitchen. The rest of the poster is the result of us passing the file back and forth and taking turns adding to it.

This print is 11×17 inches. (signed and numbered by Mike and yours truly of course)

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