As announced Thursday, The Kitchen Family makes their debut appearance on CerebusTV.  You will see video footage  from The Last Signing.  A secret look inside the Cerebus Archive.  Hear Dave read broken Spanish from The Possum.  Watch as Jacob Kitchen signs an autograph for Dave.  Get a sneak peek at the newest issue of glamourpuss.  AND there is even a preview of “The Kitchen Family Players” doing a comic reading performance of the NEW SPY GUY story from Indie Comics Magazine #2.  This episode will be streaming live all week. After that it’s gone, so watch it today at!

All this, AND Dave Sim rocks out his iSpy glow-in-the-dark Spy Guy t-shirt!  If you want one for yourself, you can get one (in any colour) here!  (You can also get your very own Possum t-shirt here!)


What are you still doing here!?  go to cerebus TV now and watch the episode!!