A while back, I mailed Bryan Deemer of the Comic Geek Speak podcast a copy of The Possum #1. I was told by Charlito (host of the Indie Spinner Rack podcast) that Bryan was a huge fan of Groo the Wanderer, and that he would probably really like The Possum. Since the Comic Geek Speak guys do 4 or 5 podcasts per week, I just couldn’t keep up listening to them all to see if they got my comic, and I fell behind. I had no idea whether or not it reached them, or if they mentioned it. While at the Paradise Comicon, Paul French, a Possum reader with a podcast of his own (Poptopia) told me he heard them talking about The Possum. He couldn’t tell me what episode it was, but all he could remember was that he heard it while in his car, and it was freaking cold out. Well, after doing some heavy listening, I found the episode where they received my package, and said that they will read it and review it soon. I have yet to find the review, but 3:44 into episode 232 (March 14, 2007) is where they mention The Possum for the first time. If anyone has heard the actual review let me know. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to listen to every Comic Geek Speak episode.