“It’s old school in that it’s… it’s news print, it’s black and white… it’s just like…(sigh), it’s like reading a comic book again.”

                                    Bryan Deemer

Paul French, and Scott Coles (Possum readers extrordinaire) drove down to Comic Geek Speak’s Super Show, earlier this month, and brought with them a box full of Possum and Spy Guy comics to hand out. They didn’t have a lot of room in their car, so they sacrificed their clean socks and underwear to fit them in (thanks guys)! To make a long story short, Adam Murdough (one of the hosts of Comic Geek Speak) got ahold of some Possum Comics, and liked them enough to do a nice review on the show. Adam gives his review about 18 minutes into episode 518 of the podcast. It’s a nice 4 or 5 minute review, and you can listen to it right…………. here!

Or you can go here, to the official Episode page, and listen there.