“Depraved, politically incorrect, action-filled humour the way you like it.”

                                                                       -Dave Sim on The Possum

Yesterday on Dave Sim’s Blog and Mail, Dave Sim (creator of Cerebus!) wrote a really nice review of The Possum! I’m really quite stoked about this.

I had met Dave Sim at the Paradise Con in Toronto, and nervously handed him the first 2 issues of The Possum. Me being a longtime Cerebus fan, I take a lot of inspiration from his comics, and what he has done in the comic industry. Mike and myself had a really nice chat with Dave after the show on Saturday, as everyone was packing up. He’s such a wealth of knowledge about comic books, and he was a really, really nice guy. I had met him only once before when I was about 15 years old, when Jeff Smith and Dave were doing a signing at the Silver Snail in Toronto. Jeff Smith had just started Bone at that time (I think he was on issue #5) and Dave did a cool Cerebus head sketch in my Cerebus phone book. I didn’t have much to say to him then, but even still, he took the time to have a little chat with us and answer all of our questions.

Anyways, quit reading this, and go read Dave Sim’s review of Cerebus here!: Dave Sim’s blogandmail #353 (august 30, 2007)

Next up?: The conclusion of the Fan Expo report. (Free sketch photos from Sunday)