A friend of my brother, Jeff’s, was in St. John’s, Noufoundland and visited Downtown Comics, on Duckworth St. , where she spotted some Possum comics on display, and snapped this fancy picture (above).   Distribution for the Possum is very limited at present, as the only way for a shop to obtain copies is directly through me.  That will hopefully change in the future, but for now, if anyone knows of a comic shop that might be interested in carrying comics by Possum Press, and would like to be part of Possum Press’ street team (maybe I’ll have to make some ‘official’ badges or something), all you have to do is talk to the owner of the comic shop nearest you, and direct them to this sight, or tell them to email me at blair@possumpress.com and I can talk to them about shipping them some comics at a retailer’s discount.

Currently, The Possum can be found in select comic shops in California, Michigan, Toronto, Ottawa, Halifax, Newfoundland and Brockville.  I’d love to see that list get bigger over the next year, and the best way is by word of mouth, and by having people who enjoy reading The Possum to urge their local comic shops to contact me, and order comics.  Bring in your Possum comics to show them, so they can see them before they make a decision.  Chances are, that if you enjoy reading these comics, then other people will too.  And if that doesn’t work, get down on your hands and knees, and cry like a little girl, until they agree to order some Possum comics.