About a month ago, I was contacted by someone from Dimension Films (The people who did the “Scary Movie” movies), and they asked if they could use Mike’s and My convention setups in their latest movie called “Super Hero“. They asked us if we wanted to ship our comics, signs, and t-shirts to them for use in a comic convention scene. We asked them who would be behind our table in the actual filming, and they told us, probably an extra. So we thought, “Why not us?”

So, we flew down to Hollywood for a week, with all of our convention gear, and were extras in the “Super Hero” movie. One thing is for sure, I’m not quiting my day job to become an extra…. 16 hour days of sitting around. We were treated pretty good though. They called us “vendors” instead of extras, which meant we were allowed on the set all day, instead of outside in the tent where all of the other extras had to sit until they were needed in a shot, when they would be herded in like cattle, then herded out once they were finished with them, and we got access to the good snacks and good coffee! We met a lot of really great people, and it actually felt like a real convention, as Mike and myself spent the majority of our days doing sketches for the cast and crew members, between waiting for them to shoot near our table. (I’d post some sketches, but most of them have the super heroes from the movie in them, and I think I’d get in trouble). I even sold a few t shirts too.
It will be interesting to see what comes of all of this. Our life size Spy Guy and the Possum cut outs made it into a handfull of shots, (a couple of them nice and big) and Mike and myself might be in a couple, but you never know what is going to make it into the final film. We’ll have to wait until March to see. (Look for us in the last sequence of the movie, during the “Hero Con” comic convention).
Super Hero” looks to be in the same catagory as the “Scary Movies” and “Naked Guns“. It’s not going to win an Oscar, but should be good for a few (or more) laughs.