Last weekend, I attended the launch party for the release of the Feathertale Review #4 and came home with a small box of these! (see photos below).  The Feathertale Review is a magazine released annually (soon to be 2 times a year), and is put together by Brett Popplewell and Lee H. Wilson.  It includes art, poetry, and short stories by over 50 writers and artists.  (Each issue also has a 7 page comic section, which is where I was lucky enough to end up).  The Review is just over 60 pages in total, and is squarebound and printed on a nice classy thick paper stock.

Cover by Oleg Portnoy


I’ve got a stack of about 30 magazines that I will have with me at this year’s Fan Expo to sell ($10 each).   (I’ll also have Possum #4 ready by then as well….. God willing!!)