The Possum, Issue #1 page 5


Here’s a peek at the first page of The Possum, issue #5 which is scheduled to go to the printers at the end of May, and should be ready to purchase around the middle of July!  Let me know what you think.  I find I struggle when it comes to laying down the grey tones.  I always flop back and forth from thinking they’re too contrasty, to too muddy.


Update:  I’ve adjusted some of the tones to make this page lighter since I first posted it.  Comparing it to pages from issue #4, I realized that my new monitor is a lot lighter than what the pages will come out printed as, so I made some adjustments.  That’s the thing I find tricky with tones, because each comic has been a bit of a surprise so far when I see it in print because usually the grey tones come out darker or lighter than I expect.  One day I’ll get it right.