Mike and I hopped into the Possum Press Van at 4:30AM on Friday, to make the 8.5 hour drive to Maryland from Toronto, for the Small Press Expo (SPX). The Expo started at 2PM, and we arrived at the convention center at 1PM, joking how we can’t show up to the local cons on time, yet we somehow managed to arrive in Maryland at the perfect time. 1 hour to eat some lunch, sign in and set up our table. By 2PM, we were ready to go.

To keep costs down on this trip, we decided to do away with the hotel room, and sleep in the Possum Press van. Surprisingly, we saved a couple of hundred dollars (which we wouldn’t have made up with sales), and had 2 really good night sleeps.
Now for some pics of happy customers! (click on the image for a better view of the sketches)

I’ll have more pictures tomorrow.