Back in November 2007, My brother Mike and I were flown down to LA, to be part of ‘Hero Con” – a fake comic convention for the “Superhero Movie”, which was released in 2008.  The Possum Press archives finally obtained a copy of the movie, after unsuccessfully waiting more than half a year to find it in a bargain bin for under 5 dollars.  Instead I broke down and ordered it used off of Amazon for 8 bucks (which included shipping).  Saddly, we missed out on an Oscar last year for “Best Extra”, but at least Spy Guy and The Possum had a couple close ups in the film.  Get your magnifying glasses out, and see how many times you can spot the shmuck in the purple Possum T shirt (A.K.A. me), and the bald guy in the black Ultraist T shirt (A.K.A. Mike)! 

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