Well, 2 boxes of The Possum #2 are in my possession!
If you read the last post, you’d know that this weekend is the Comic Expo and me and Mike are exhibitiong. Our comics were supposed to arrive at Mike’s house on Thursday, by truck (2 skids), which was cutting it close, but everything looked good. They left Lebonfon on Wednesday, right on schedule. Thursday…….. no comics. Friday we get a phone call that the comics won’t come until Monday, because they needed a smaller truck to get down Mike’s street. The convention is this weekend, and Monday is no good. No problem. We can swing by the shipping yard, and take a few boxes off of the skid, they say. Great. I get to the shipping yard at 4:00 (1 hour before the convention starts), after having the wrong address, not knowing the name of the shipping company (I know it starts with an M, but it turns out there are 3 shipping companies sharing the yard, and they all start with an M), having no tracking number and fighting rush hour traffic. Not a problem. We find the shipping form with the number and they are going to send someone to look for the skids. 6:00 rolls around, and they tell me that they can’t find them, and I can come back at 1am and pick them up. I fight rush hour traffic again, and get to the Con by 6:30, track Mike down and set up by 7, with no new comics.
To wrap it up, Mike went by the shipping yard at 7am the next morning, got 2 boxes of comics each, and made it to the Con by noon on Saturday. Things were looking up.
Now we can say, Spud and Harry #1 and The Possum #2 are officially here! (sort of)

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