“(The Possum) may be the most unique superhero book I’ve ever read. In a market saturated with every kind of meta-human archetype imaginable, that’s certainly saying something.”

On his blog “A comic a day….”, Russ Kazmierczak Jr., read and reviewed my first comic book The Possum #1. Click here to read Russ’ review. While at the APE festival in San Francisco, Russ agreed to a comic swap. (“The Possum” #1 and #2 for his comics “Little Christmas” and “Doug Deever Dumpster Diver” by K.O. Comix). That’s one of the great things about these Comic Festivals is trading comics with the other creators at the end of the show. Seeing as though you very seldom come back a millionaire at the end of a convention, swapping comics is a great and inexpensive way to find great new comics to read and at the same time, get other people to read your comics. A win win situation if you ask me!