This is not far from the truth.  (minus the explosion)  When I was 11 years old, my friend Jarrett and I decided to roll thousands of his dad’s pennies and take them to the bank and get some cash bills!  We thought we could beat the banks and skimp a few pennies here and there from each roll (and besides, it was quicker to not actually count the pennies).  We spent the entire morning rolling pennies, only to take them all to the bank and have the bank teller look at us like we were idiots because we didn’t roll them properly.  Apparently the banks are stingy enough to actually count pennies!!  Fast forward to when I was in college and I bought 50 dollars of groceries with nickels and dimes (this time the cashier looked at me like I was an idiot… I believe her words were “are you kidding me?” … she took my money without counting and gave me the groceries).  I swear I had exact change though!  The lesson is that Bank Tellers care more about change than young No Frills Cashiers.