Howdy folks.  This Friday is the Toronto Fan Expo and Possum Press and Ultraist Studios are going to be there.  Look for us in the Artist Alley at table A74.  (We’ll be the ones with the cool Possum and Spy Guy stuff).

This is going to be the first Fan Expo that I will have attended, that I don’t have a new issue of The Possum to sell.  It’s been a very busy year (non comic work wise), and it was evident a few months ago that getting issue #5 finished for this weekend just wasn’t going to happen.  the new plan is to have issue #5 finished before the new year, and I’m planning on ramping up my speed and getting more serious about deadlines.  I’m going to take the “pay yourself first” approach, and make these comics a priority.

All is not lost this Fan Expo though, as I’ve got a new T shirt to sell (see photo below), as well as new buttons and a Spy Guy/Possum print that Mike and I are feverishly trying to complete as we speak….. or rather, as I type (more on that in the next few days). 

available in S,M,L,XL,XXL and kids sizes 4,6,8

Come by our booth and say hi, and like all shows, we will be doing free sketches with any comic purchase!!!