I transfered the rough drawing onto an illustration board by rubbing pencil on the back of the rough, then retracing over the rough drawing, with the illustration board underneath, transferring the image to the board.  After some fixes and adjustments, I’m ready to start inking.  I’ll be tweaking and changing things right up until I have to send this piece away, but this gives me something good to start with.  On this pass, I made The Possum bigger, and changed the angle of Superman’s foot.  Looking at the drawing in the mirror will always reveal obvious weaknesses in your drawing, (Like Superman’s foot) that you would never see looking at it the way you drew it.

I find you always lose a bit of the “life” of the drawing when you retrace things, but sometimes it is necessary.  Hopefully with practice, I can learn to keep more of the initial energy of the drawing, while still being able to correct some of the weaker parts.  (It’s a learning process, which I have much to learn still).